Hey Little Ant!
After reading, reenacting and discussing the themes of 'Hey Little Ant' students are guided through the basics of hand building techniques (roll, coil, pinch and cut) to make their own clay insects.
Curriculum Connections in Visual Arts, Language, Science and Social Studies
Recommended for Kindergarten to Grade 1

Changing with the Seasons, a Year in the Life of a Plant
After reading 'A Tree for All Seasons' students discuss how plants change with the seasons and create their own Leaf Print Tile using clay.
Curriculum Connections to Science, Visual Art
Recommended for Grade 1-2

The Scoop on Clay
Students explore the properties of clay and how it affects soil systems and the impact this may have on growing plants.  Students will use clay to build their own pots using coil technique.  Finished pots will be delivered along with soil, seeds and instructions for planting.
Curriculum Connections to Arts, Science, Social Studies 
​Recommended for Grade 3

Then & Now: A Cup of Water  
After taking part in small group activities that highlight similarities and differences in various implements used by historic and modern communities in the Toronto area, students create and decorate their own cups using slab technique and learn about the connections between clay and rock.
Curriculum Connections to Social Studies, Arts, Science
Recommended for Grade 4

More program options available, or let us know what your needs are and we will create a custom workshop to meet your classroom needs.

$250/class includes all materials and firing fees
Maximum 30 students

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